Screen Size Matters

The screen-size issue, as a Catalyst white paper points out (you can download it here, but be aware it’s a large file), is a serious one for any organization designing a website in the next 1-2 years. In our Q1 ‘05 white paper, Catalyst takes an in-depth look at how this issue affects nearly every site that hopes to appeal to a broad audience.

Separately, as an illustrative aside, The Wall Street Journal noted (in “Europe’s Newspapers Adopt Tabloid Format To Boost Circulatio” on 12/22/04) that European newspapers were abandoning their typical broadsheet format. Apparently, young people – especially women – weren’t subscribing, at least in part because the papers simply weren’t easy to read when commuting or on the fly. Once a better format, or interface, was adopted, the circulation declines of the last twenty years have started to reverse.

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