Off-topic Rants

George Carlin, RIP

For me, George Carlin defined “funny.”
At the tender age of 15, I memorized every word of his 1982 post-heart-attack-recovery concert at Carnegie Hall (which you can watch here in its entirety — thank you Google). It wasn’t just his ability to see the irony and absurdity in everyday language and situations — [...]

.xxx? ICANN’t

What could be wrong with a .xxx domain? ICANN isn’t talking.

A Drinking Problem

Peter gets a handle on rental car parking brakes.


Proving the point that RSS has not penetrated mainstream marketing.

You Know You’re in the Meatpacking District…

… when, at 9:30 am, you are practically run over by 5 guys, dressed to the nines in suits and ties wobbling over the cobblestones on 5 shiny new, coordinated (not matching, coordinated) Vespas. As if this weren’t odd enough, it turns out that these 5 Uneasy Riders were actually the Queer Eye guys. [...]