“Hiatus.” It’s a fancy word for “Whoa, we haven’t posted to the blog since August!” So, yeah, that’s what we’ve been on… a “hiatus.”
But seriously, we’re just waking up from several grueling projects and will be back to our usual crisp pace of one or two posts a month soon
Thanks to [...]

Usability of Presidential Candidate Sites

So much has been made of the role of the Internet in this year’s presidential election. In particular, the Obama campaign has made some impressive claims about the success of in fund-raising and organization of supporters. Even on the most superficial level, the two candidate sites have a lot in common in [...]

Muy Bien! Kudos to

Catalyst client has just been named a Top 5 pick in the Women’s Fashion/Lifestyle category by MinOnline.
The site’s design was specifically recognized as a reason for the choice:
Latina supplies the perfect balance of “hard” gossip news, advice and celebrity insight within a neat, easy-to-use homepage. Topped off by a concise rotating header that transitions [...]

A Poem entitled “How the Web has Changed my Life”

By Catalyst Senior UI Designer Mike Parker
I usta listen to music on a walkman at work.
Then I started downloading mp3 to my work computer and listening to them using winamp
Then I started using streaming sites to listen to music… the first being
Then I got ipod and filled it up with music
Now when I’m bored [...]

George Carlin, RIP

For me, George Carlin defined “funny.”
At the tender age of 15, I memorized every word of his 1982 post-heart-attack-recovery concert at Carnegie Hall (which you can watch here in its entirety — thank you Google). It wasn’t just his ability to see the irony and absurdity in everyday language and situations — [...]