A Poem entitled “How the Web has Changed my Life”

By Catalyst Senior UI Designer Mike Parker

I usta listen to music on a walkman at work.

Then I started downloading mp3 to my work computer and listening to them using winamp

Then I started using streaming sites to listen to music… the first being spunik7.com

Then I got ipod and filled it up with music

Now when I’m bored with the 5k songs on my ipod I listen to music via musician homepages on myspace… or via music videos posted to youtube.com

* note on myspace – find the desired musician using google (myspace name-of-musician). You can find anything, whereas you can’t find anything using myspaces’ internal search.

One Response to “A Poem entitled “How the Web has Changed my Life””

  1. Jen says:

    Winamp forever!

    Sadly, I haven’t made it past number #3 on that list. (Anybody else stream SomaFM?)

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