Social Networking

Vote for Me!

According to Dee Margo’s MySpace profile, he’s married and interested in networking and making friends. He has 40 users signed up as “friends�? including Jesus Christ, Admiral CrackMunky and Forever a Bad Ass. Dee is not a high school student, college student, a 20-something, 30-something or even a 40-something. He’s a 54 year old politician from El Paso running for a seat in the Texas State Senate and he’s using MySpace to reach out to a new, younger audience of voters.

Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New

In a recent New York Times article about new social networking site ParentsConnect, started by Nickelodeon, the site was surprisingly not compared to MySpace. It seems like every new social networking site (apparently the newest Internet buzzword. Remember community, portals, content, etc.?) is compared to the giant. Nor was it compared to its more obvious rivals, iVillage or BabyCenter. The site was simply described in the article as “a social networking Web site that joined the online parenting world late in August with dozens of message boards filled with debates on topics like pregnancy chic and anorexia, and plans for user-generated video, including video blogs.�?

Next Generation Social Networking, the recently launched community site for baby boomers, has been called the for the 50 plus crowd. But what makes MySpace, well, your space is the customization elements and the attitude., while still an interesting site, reminds me more of my old employer But while iVillage is a site with content, message boards and tools aimed at women, offers all that stuff for boomers (in larger sized fonts if desired).

The Business Experiment

Will the “Wisdom of Crowds” transalte to good business sense?

Cell Phone Literature

Why you’d use a cellphone to read a book. No, really.