Shout Outs

Major Shout-Out! Life123 is Born

We’ve been waiting a long time for this one…
Last night our client IAC launched Even in “Alpha” the site is a really robust How-To portal that allows site visitors to dictate how deeply into a topic they want to delve. We worked with the IAC team for almost a year on [...]

Muy Bien! Kudos to

Catalyst client has just been named a Top 5 pick in the Women’s Fashion/Lifestyle category by MinOnline.
The site’s design was specifically recognized as a reason for the choice:
Latina supplies the perfect balance of “hard” gossip news, advice and celebrity insight within a neat, easy-to-use homepage. Topped off by a concise rotating header that transitions [...]

Client Shout-Out: Paradigm5

We’re very pleased to announce the beta launch of Catalyst client Paradigm5 — the next generation of business networking.
P5 started with an awesome and powerful back-end matching engine and we provided a clean and usable user interface and visual design. Check it out, join up and get down to business.

Work it! This month’s Client Shout-Out

Seems like the Client shout-outs are coming fast and furious these days! Wish I could say the same about my blog posts
But enough about my issues! I’m here to shout-out to our client Rodale Publications about the launch of — a very cool site for the west coast gym 24 [...]

A BIG Client Shout-Out

Launch of Christie’